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Girl Calm Down-Crystal Set

Girl Calm Down-Crystal Set


Sometimes its easy to get wond up from all the chaos that life brings. This crystal set was specially curated for  alleviatiting mental baggage, attaining mental clairty and manifesting peace and tranquility. This 6 piece set includes:


Howlite-promotes both peace and harmony. It’s great for alleviating stress and putting one’s mind at ease. It is awesome to use while meditating. It is often used to treat insomnia, specifically when it’s a result of an overactive mind. (Height: 5"-6")


Lapis Lazuli-is a stone of the mind and is known as, “The Wisdom Stone”. It aids in clearing the mind and promotes intuitive thought. It can be effective in helping process information. It is also a stone of truth, revealing inner truth and aiding in self-expression. It can make having truthful or difficult conversations with others, easier. It promotes inner peace, compassion, and self-awareness.


Blue Lace Agate- is very effective as a communication stone. Because of that, it is an excellent tool for manifestation. It aids in finding one’s inner voice and provides the confidence and the right words to vocalize one’s truth. Blue lace agate helps take the edge off when needing to have difficult conversations. It enhances clarity of the mind and promotes calmness and a strong sense of tranquility.


Selenite/Satin Spar-is most commonly used to cleanse. It is great for cleansing other crystals. It is excellent for cleansing one’s aura and removing toxic influence or energies. It can also be used in conjunction with cleansing herbs like sage when cleansing a space.


Clear Quartz- is an amplifier and is commonly used to amp the