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Crystals for Leadership, Motivation

Crystals for Leadership, Motivation


The set was specially curated to help channel your inner boss babe. It helps to manifest key qualities of a true boss: leadership, focus, patience, clarity, and effective communication. It also aids in focusing on what's important, while shielding against negative energy and intentions. This 7 piece set includes:


Green Fluorite Tumble- Fluorite is all about order. It aids in helping organize one’s thoughts and enhances concentration and focus.  It promotes logical thinking. This makes it a great stone to have nearby when studying. It is great for anyone needing more structure and organization in their life. Additionally, fluorite is great for helping to prioritize what’s important. Fluorite is also protective in nature. It helps to identify and shield against psychic attack and other negative energies.  Sizing: ranges from 1.5"-1.7".


Raw Clear Quartz-Clear quartz is an amplifier and is commonly used to amp the energy of other crystals. It is great for manifestation, gaining clarity, bringing balance, and strengthening spiritual connection with the divine. &n