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crystals for protection

Crystals for Protection - Negative Thinking& Intentions

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Sometimes, we need protection from ourselves. This set of crystals for protection was compiled to protect against internal negativity, while also dispelling against external influence and helping cleanse one’s aura.


  • Raw Lepidolite- for blocking negative thoughts, easing feelings of stress and anxiety, and overcoming emotional or mental dependency.
  • Tumbled Fluorite- for blocking against psychic attack, dispelling negative energy and intentions, and enhancing concentration, organization, and helping prioritize what’s important.
  • Smoky Quartz-for purifying ones aura, blocking negativity and dissipating negative emotions.
  • Raw Rose Quartz- for honing in on self-love and acceptance.
  • Clear Quartz Tower (Mini)-for mental clarity, clearing blockages in energy, and amplifying intentions.
  • Selenite- for cleansing one’s aura and removing toxic influence or energies.
  • Disclaimer

    Crystals shown are for illustration. Because these are natural items, please expect some variance from item to item. Crystals shipped will be very similar but not identical. Posted pictures are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes and shapes available.

    Due to variations in screen settings, there might be some variance to the actual color of product.

    The claims above have not been evaluated by the FDA. Crystals should not replace medical aid. If you are in need of medical attention, please seek a medical professional.