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Clear Quartz Triple Point Tower w/ Stand

Clear Quartz Triple Point Tower w/ Stand


This triple point clear quartz is simply exquisite. It features gorgeous inclusions and rainbows throughout, while still maintaining fantastic clarity. It conveniently comes with a hand carved stand, perfect for putting on display.


Clear quartz is considered the master healer and a chameleon among crystals. It is the second most abundant crystal found in mother earth, making it a universal crystal.


It is truly special because it consists of all colors of the rainbow. This means that it can be programmed to do anything. It’s a great fill-in if you are missing a particular chakra because clear quartz works well with all chakras.


Clear quartz is an amplifier and is commonly used to amp the energy of other crystals. It is great for manifestation, gaining clarity, bringing balance, and strengthening spiritual connection with the divine.


Chakra: All