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crystals for love

Love me Long Time-Crystal Set for Attracting Love

SKU: Loveme

This gift set was made specifically to help attract love, while focusing on removing blockages that may prevent love from seeping in. These blockages may be mental, emotional, or physical. Remember... it's hard to attract someone else's love without first channeling love for self!


Rhodonite Tower-For letting go of the past and replacing feelings of anger, hurt, and bitterness with love and compassion. Promotes new beginnings and enhances feelings of passion. Height: 7"-7.5". 


Rose Quartz- Manifest internal and external love. Heal past trauma. Use to channel compassion and love for one's self and love for others.  Width: 2"-3". 


Selenite Tumble- For cleansing and blocking negativity that may be shielding love away.  Width: 2-2"2.7".


Clear Quartz Mini Sphere-Amplify the effects of other crystals. Gain clarity for what you want and bring about emotional balance. Diameter: 1"-1.2".


Tourmaline- Attract the love of others. Channel inner happiness.  Ensure your aura is in the state to receive the love of others. Protect  by sheilding and absorbing negative energies. Width: 1.2"-2".


Bracelet Set for Love- 4 layers of elastic bracelets for manifesting love, no matter where you go.


Note of Affirmation- Handwritten and made especially for you.