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best crystals for anxiety

Crystals for Anxiety


This set was especially made to promote peace, clarity, and self-growth. It aids in easing stress, worry and fear, while strengthening one's spiritual development. . This 5 piece crystal set includes:


Mini Celestite Tower- Celestite  is highly effective in promoting inner peace and harmony. It aids in calming and sharpening the mind. It discourages worry and stress. It aids in conflict resolution and is effective in revealing hidden truths. It enhances communication and mental clarity. Celestite is also a highly spiritual stone and helps in connecting with the divine and is great for facilitating spiritual development. Sizing: 2.3"-2.5"


Raw Clear Quartz-Clear quartz is an amplifier and is commonly used to amp the energy of other crystals. It is great for manifestation, gaining clarity, bringing balance, and strengthening spiritual connection with the divine. Sizing: 1.6"-2.0"


Raw Howlite-Howlite promotes both peace and harmony. It’s great for alleviating stress and putting one’s mind at ease. It is great to use while meditating. It is often used to treat insomnia, specifically when it’s a result of an overactive mind. Howlite is an attunement stone, and is good when trying to connect with a spiritual realm. It is believed to allow one to look into past lives and memories to gain perspective. Sizing: 1.5"-1.9"


Raw Lapis Lazuli-is a stone of the mind and known as “The Wisdom Stone”. It aids in clearing the mind and promotes intuitive thought. It can be effective in helping process information. It is also a stone of truth