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crystals for motivation

Crystals for Motivation, Leadership Abundance


This raw crystal set features crystals for motivation, leadership, and abundance.  This set works to manifest your goals while enhancing motivation, abundance, and core leadership qualities. Additionally, it encourages confidence while protecting against negative energy and intentions.   It includes:


Clear Quartz Cluster- is considered the master healer and a chameleon among crystals. It is one of the most powerful crystals to use for manifestation. It is an amplifier and is commonly used to amp the energy of other crystals. Additionally, it is great for gaining clarity and bringing balance.


Raw Pyrite- is a protective stone and shields against negative energy and manipulation. It encourages abundance and prosperity.  It increases persistence and seeing things through. It also enhances self-confidence and self-worth.


Raw Green Aventurine- is a stone of abundance and promotes luck and prosperity. Additionally, it aids in decision making, increasing focus, and helping promote inspiration and creativity. It hel